About Us

Real Education and Visa Service (REVS) is started with an aim of providing effective, genuine and high-quality service to students who are looking to study abroad. We are situated at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. We serve students who are in need of advice, counseling, and advice. From the first day, when a student walks into REVS, we will assist that student for services related to their academic pursuit which includes assistance with Test Preparation, Admission Process, Accommodation, Visa Assistance, Travel Arrangement and Pre Departure Service Information.

 Our main focus is to guide students to the best possible institutes to enable them to build their future. With our suggestion and counseling from our expertise, we identify the most suitable institutions for each student. Here at REVS, we work together for your better future.



"I would like to welcome everyone who is looking to study abroad. Choosing to study abroad is a good decision, but doing it without proper information can cause problems. Going abroad for further studies provides you with great opportunity to pursue your future career path. The main reasons for your future study could be academic progress, career and employment opportunities or simply personal betterment. For this, you will need a detail information about the qualification that you need to apply for your destination country. Along with your objective for further studies, you will also need to know well about course availability, entry requirements, projected outcome, academic contents, course duration, cost, and employment options during the study. For all these, you must have a good student counselor who can give you complete and quality service. We can identify how important your existing qualifications are and how important and precious it is for you to undertake international education in a destination country of your choice. We understand that each individual will have different needs based on their socio-economic background and we will be able to assist you in striking the right balance between course price and quality."

Why Choose Us

Quick and Effective Service

REVS provides you with quick and effective service for studying abroad. We keep a target of getting visa within a month from the date of visa lodgement. We provide outstanding services to Nepali students in order to shape their academic career abroad as well as at home.


At REVS, everything is transparent. We provide with crystal clear information about everything that's related to studying abroad. Before getting started with the procedure, we will give you information about the course you are looking to study and its outcomes.

Hassle-free Service

Before getting started, we do a detailed study of the course you are looking for, and its requirements. We have our counselors to guide you at every step. So right from entering into the consultancy till the visa is granted, you will find someone to assist you in every step. We also provide support after the visa has been granted.

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement"